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The Rotary Club of Adelaide has formed a strong link with the Rotary Club of Kandy and together we have begun a partnership to develop and implement projects of real value to farmers and villagers in rural Sri Lanka affected by Chronic Kidney Disease resulting from poor, unfiltered drinking water.

We have installed 4 filtration plants and 2 water bores into 3 different villages, beginning in 2017 and have had positive feedback on the positive impact that the water is having on people’s lives.

Further plants for bigger villages in the selected areas (~150 km east of Kandy) have been developed and will be followed up by projects in agriculture, education and health.

The Rotary Partnership aims to continue our long term sustained relationships, for the betterment of the Sri Lankan people.


Beginning in 2019, the Rotary Club of Adelaide, facilitated the collection and shipment of quality second-hand warm winter clothing for children aged 0 – 12 years old. The goods were air-freighted a poor part of rural Serbia for a Romani community (Lescovac) in time for distribution before Christmas. The winter is bitter in this part of Serbia, the Romani are an oft-ignored indigenous group and their need is enormous.

In the project’s first year, we have helped some 80 families with ~250 kg of clothing.

We expect to repeat this clothing drive, and fund the collection, packing, customs charges and transport on an annual basis with collections starting annually in September.

Working with the Rotary Clubs of Prospect in South Australia, East Davao and Waling Waling Davao, we have undertaken pilot project works in water, health and education, three key areas of Rotary's focus worldwide. A much larger three-year project funded through Rotary’s Global Grant Scheme has now been approved.
Members from the Rotary Clubs of Adelaide and Prospect have travelled to Davao on several occasions to visit project sites, meet local authorities, discuss projects with our fellow Rotarians and even be part of health clinics and picking up a paintbrush to finish an extension to a health centre we helped build! Our next task is the US $100,000 three-year major project with US $15,000 contributions from the clubs and US $85,000 grant from The Rotary Foundation. Our project goals are to;

  • increase access to and improve the quality of health and education/training services for the women and children from 3 disadvantaged communities by supporting basic education and literacy for the children in 3 focus communities
  • support maternal and child health care through assisting the Community Health Centres in the focus communities and assisting the specialist regional paediatric health centres to service these communities.

A key to these projects is the “hands on” elements provided by South Australian and Davao City Rotarians working together to help the disadvantaged communities in the Southern Philippines.

Donations In Kind (DIK) is the program Rotarians and Rotary Clubs use to source surplus goods and products that have no further use within Australia are repurposed and find new life with those in countries that have a need and/or used to support Rotary projects in developing countries. The Rotary Club of Adelaide supports Donations in Kind with our members volunteering to help sort stock, load containers and arrange shipments at the DIK Edinburgh Parks facility. We also contribute funds to assist with shipping costs as managed by DIK. We recently used our networks to arrange a shipment of school furniture to Cochin, which arrived in good order and immediately put to use. DIK is a major Rotary project that has a coverage throughout South Australia. Surplus goods are donated to the project by businesses, organisations and individuals. These goods are sorted and distributed to needy communities locally, nationally and internationally. These donations include medical, dental and hospital equipment, computers, books, toys and school furniture. 

More information can be found here.

Contact David Cockshell - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Members of the Rotary Club of Adelaide contribute to the processes involved with the South Pacific Schools Aid project. This project sends dozens of pallets of books and educational equipment to schools throughout the South Pacific and even as far as Nepal! They have even taken computers from IT Share at Stirling; to pack them and send them to Zanzibar Nursing School. Books from St Andrews school and Mitcham Rotary bookshop end up amongst the shipments for Nepal and Fiji, including two pallets of books sent to the Deaconess' college in Suva Fiji. Books come and books go. Other outgoing destinations include Myanmar, Fiji, Papua New Guinea and even Western Samoa. Donations from organisations like West Lakes Shore school, St Augustine’s School, OXFAM, Mundulla Primary School and many other places including Adelaide University. Our volunteers work their magic to send them out; boxed on palettes, wrapped and addressed. (The 'magic' is really intelligent hard work - selecting the right books and maximising the number of books per box by careful packing ). More information can be found here.