We appreciate that you have made the decision to donate to our Club and one of the substantial number of causes we support.
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If you are ready to donate now, please follow the simple steps below, including the opportunity to support a particular project or beneficiary by nominating this beneficiary.
What does a donation to the Rotary Club of Adelaide mean?
When you donate to a cause through the Rotary Club of Adelaide, you are donating to the Rotary Club of Adelaide Charitable Trust Fund (CTF) and a tax receipt will be issued by the CTF, noting your donation amount and your preference of beneficiary.
As part of its charter. the CTF distributes funds each year to causes who are registered as a Deductible Gift Recipient. Many of our causes have this status including ones you nominate.
For those that don’t, the Rotary Club of Adelaide will support them from its ‘Community Account’, which is a general fund to support programs on a rolling basis as project milestones are achieved.
Please remember that 100% of donations go to support a particular cause.
Apart of course from any statutory or bank charges, as the Rotary Club of Adelaide deducts no additional administration costs.
We are a volunteer organisation, we manage all the administration and associated activities ourselves.
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